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our story

How it All Began

The Background

Growing up, we watched our mother and grandmother use natural ingredients from the earth in our food.  Everything was cooked from scratch.  No TV dinners, no fast food and no microwave meals.  Our family had a garden, we ate homemade ice cream, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. We were given castor oil for colds instead of over the counter medicine. We're sure some of you can relate!


The point is, we grew up on things made from nature, not chemicals. ​Over the years, we have educated ourselves about all of the harmful ingredients and additives that are added to our food, as well as our skin care products. We discovered that there are so many harmful chemicals found in the products that we routinely use on our skin, and more specifically, SOAP. Did you know that most of the soap bars you buy at your local store are NOT real soap at all? I know, we had the same reaction when we discovered the truth.  

As we began to make changes to eliminate chemical filled products from our lives, we wanted to do more.  Our journey to purifying our lives led to the desire to make our own soap. We knew if we made our own soap, we could control the ingredients that went into each bar. We could intentionally handcraft soap that was filled with good for your skin ingredients. We wanted to be confident that what we were using to cleanse our skin was nourishing, safe and beneficial. 


THE REST IS HISTORY! Here we are making our own soap - REAL SOAP. That's how Earth & Ash Soap was born.​

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our philosophy

Our philosophy is SIMPLE Create and deliver quality, pure, clean soap and body products that will treat your skin well.  ​We purpose to formulate products that are made with a combination of natural, organic and plant-based ingredients. Our products are always handcrafted by us, for you. Just as we have gone on a journey in search of clean products, we want to help you do the same.  We are committed to formulating products that you can feel good about using, knowing that they are actually good for your skin. 


You can trust Earth & Ash. We are committed to being transparent about what we put in our products.  We focus on formulating great products, making our customers happy and doing what we say we will do.  Keeping it clean! That's the Earth & Ash standard. Clean Ingredients. Healthy Skin.

The Earth & Ash Team

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